"I don't take pictures, I make them"

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I've always wanted to be a photographer. Ever since my first Kodak camera that used 126 cartridge film, photography has fascinated me. That was the 70s and how times have changed.

I shot and developed my film, spent hours in the darkroom printing my photographs, now a dying art with the invention of digital photography. You needed to know you had the picture, the instinct that the shot was there, However, I wanted to know more. I wanted to learn.

So I studied, gained qualifications in Photography and Audio Visual Arts. I learned the art and technical aspects of photography.

The learning process never stops as I keep up with current trends and professionally develop 

My peers recognise my work and as a result awarded me a licentiate qualification from the prestigious Royal Photographic Society.

Nowadays everyone has a camera capable of producing high quality photographs but not everyone is able to know how to light, pose and get the best out of their subject. That is why it is important to hire a professional photographer to capture your precious images. 

One of my photographic heroes Ansel Adams once said " you don't take a picture, you make it. "

I don't take pictures I make them. From the shutter press, to the finished art you will display for years to come.

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